Workshop Berlin April/2010

Introduction to BFR

​By Andreas Schroeter

(PDF document, 1 MB)

Update from the EU Commission

​By Leena Räsänen

(PDF document, 100 KB)​

Update from the EFSA

​By Pierre-Alexandre Beloeil

(PDF document, 730 KB)

EQAS results, E.coli, enterococci and staphylococci, 2009

​By Lourdes Migura

(PDF document, 300 KB)

EQAS results, MRSA, 2009

​By Lina Cavaco

(PDF document, 390 KB)

qnr-genes in Salmonella

​By Kees Veldman

(PDF document, 235 KB)

Cut-off for streptomycin in E. coli and Salmonella

​By Lourdes Migura

(PDF document, 115 KB)


​By Lourdes Migura

(PDF document, 1.3 MB)

Research results, projects in past and at the moment

​By Liidia Häkkinen, NRL Estonia

(PDF document, 220 KB)

Ring trials and typing schemes of E. coli

​By Rosangela Tozzoli, EURL VTEC

(PDF document, 2 MB)

Reading/measuring the results of sulphonamides

​By Rene Hendriksen

(PDF document, 300 KB)


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